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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11092018991264642642407109Damon J SheppardAscot2017/20181st Grade7 1Belmont Cricket Club
286571860126464266538586Jason P CunninghamAscot2017/20185th Grade3 1Stirling Cricket Club (Inc.)
38573600126464266539085Robert J MeikleAscot2017/20185th Grade4 1Coolbinia-West Perth
47673726126464266540076Steven J SymcoxAscot2017/20185th Grade7 1Leederville Cricket Club
57573756126464264238775*David J CataniaAscot2017/20181st Grade2 1Dianella
67473539126464265018974*Jason P PolettiAscot2017/20183rd Grade2 1Ferndale
76367469126464266538563Michael D ThomasAscot2017/20185th Grade3 1Stirling Cricket Club (Inc.)
860570293126464265019460Liam K BastinAscot2017/20183rd Grade3 1Coolbinia-West Perth
956259652126464265020956Christopher R McMurrayAscot2017/20183rd Grade7 2Belmont Cricket Club
105416534126464266810154Terry A DuncanAscot2017/20186th Grade4 1Karrinyup
1154260999126464266538554Alexander S MorenoAscot2017/20185th Grade3 1Stirling Cricket Club (Inc.)
125373539126464265019453Jason P PolettiAscot2017/20183rd Grade3 1Coolbinia-West Perth
1352259654126464265018552Kelvyn M BastinAscot2017/20183rd Grade1 1Belmont Cricket Club
145116534126464266809151*Terry A DuncanAscot2017/20186th Grade2 1Carlisle Windsor Cricket Club
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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